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Some Famous Dance Types of Rajasthan


The kalbelia dance is a folk dance practiced by the Kalbeliya community of Rajasthan. The dance is performed to the beat of dholak, a double-headed drum played by men in their hands. It is accompanied by singing, clapping and body movements.

Kalbeliya dance

The Kalbeliya dance is one of the oldest and most popular folk dances of Rajasthan. It is performed during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, which takes place in May. People belonging to the Kalbelia community perform this dance with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Traditional Folk dance

Folk dance is a traditional dance. Folk dances are performed by common people of a particular region in their free time. These dances are performed with the local people or rural people.

There are many folk dances that have been passed down through generations and still exist today, including:

Folk dancers

The folk dance forms of Rajasthan are a combination of energy and passion that is difficult to find elsewhere. The best time to see them is during the festivals, when there is an abundance of energy in the air. One such festival that showcases several different folk dances is the Ganesh Chaturthi, which takes place on the fourth day after Amavasya (the darkest night).

The Kalbelia folk dance is one of the most famous examples of Rajasthani folk dancing, but there are many other varieties as well. For example, you can watch Banjara dancers perform their swift movements while wearing colorful costumes made out of silk materials; gramin/folk dancers perform with drums and bells; bhawai dancers play instruments while performing graceful steps; langa manganiyar dancers use long wooden sticks to hit each other on their heads while they dance at great speed; ghoricha jats do acrobatic moves using ropes tied between two high poles placed some distance apart from each other; chamka women sing songs while playing drums and cymbals at weddings or for entertainment purposes at home or during harvest festivals like Navratri or Dussehra

Kalbelia dance

It is a folk dance of the Kalbelia tribe from Rajasthan. They perform this dance during Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra and also Navratri festival. They perform it as a part of their religious rituals to please Lord Shiva and other gods.

The men wear colourful turbans with bells tied around their necks. The women dress up in traditional attire which includes bangles, necklaces made out of gold or silver coins and silk sarees along with jewellery like earrings and nose rings etc.


Rajasthan has, is and always will be known as the most vibrant & traditional state of India. The kalbeliya folk dance and the fire dance of Rajasthan also will be a huge part of its culture & it will continue to enthrall the visitors who come from far and wide to be a part of this epic culture.

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