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Behrupiya (Comedian)

Behrupiya who dress up as other identities are called ‘Behrupiya’ in hindi. Previously when there were no televisions, these people known as the Behrupiyas used to entertain people with their entertaining acts. They were brilliant comedians who portrayed funny and cheerful acts without including any vulgarity. The act they performed was pure laughing material. The whole Rajasthani community were very fond of the Behrupiya groups for delivering extremely entertaining and eye-catching performances.

The Behrupiya would make you laugh your heart out.

The Behrupiya are trained comedians of Rajasthan, who used to entertain people with their funny performances. They would dress up hiding their identity, imitating other personalities. Sometimes they would dress up as Gods and Goddesses while sometimes they would dress up as any other funny character. The native Rajasthani people were really very fond of the Behrupiya groups, who were a major source of entertainment to them at that time. The Behrupiyas perform even to this date. They deliver people with outstanding and hilarious funny acts to make them feel cheerful and merry.

Behrupiya  artists still perform at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc. If you want to hire such artists for your special event too, book them from Ranadholi. Ranadholi will offer you professional Behrupiya artists who master the art of comedy extremely well. Hire artists from Ranadholi to entertain all your guests with a spectacular comedy show

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