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Rajasthani Bhopa

The culture of Rajasthan is very amazing and folk singing is derived from different communities of Rajasthan, be it langa manganiyar or bhopas, they carry their tradition from their ancestors and through different types of events, they aim to revive it live in front of people. The Rajasthani Bhopas are folk singers of Rajasthan who perform as priest singers and they are also believed to be the deity that depicts the culture of worship. They are the ones who perform the musical chant with the instrument called phad and they are the ones who perform whole night which are referred to as “Jagratas”. Ranadholi has many experienced Bhopas to amaze you with their strength and talent and to bring fortune to you.

The Divine Culture of Bhopas

Since they are known as priest singers of Rajasthan they perform different songs offering charismatic stories and tones to the god. The people also love their performances which makes them feel their divine culture in an interesting yet exciting manner. They also perform using veenas. You can mostly see Bhopas performing in welcome ceremonies at weddings. 

Book Rajasthani Bhopas from Ranadholi to cherish the art of vibrant Rajasthan and Folk Culture. You can have these performers in weddings and different kinds of events to revive the amazing and interesting folk culture of Rajasthan.

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