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Gair Dance well renowned and popular dance form of Rajasthan comes from the Bhil community of Rajasthan. Bhil community is greatly known for its astonishing dance forms, this dance form  is one of them. This Gair dance allows the free participation of both men and women together, and it subsequently increases the joyous spirit of the dance. This Gair dance follows a very unique pattern, the dancers move in a half swirl, or move in and out in a big circle. Else, they can even develop a very unique and interesting pattern of their own to dazzle the minds of the audience. The men and women Gair dance gleefully striking their sticks against each other.

Gair Dance & Vibrant Instruments – What it Offers

The Rajasthani Folk Dances are very popular for their music and entertainment and Gair Dance is also one of the most prevalent dance forms which uses dholak, nagada and dhol which is played while the dance is performed. The beautifully dressed men and women offer the viby chores of the entertainment which makes the audience go wow with this amazing folk performance. As this Gair dance form is quite famous in Rajasthani Communities, it is also popular for theme weddings and varied festive events. Rana Holi offers you the best of performers to make your theme wedding a moment to remember for lifelong. Book Our Services Today.

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