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Alghoza Folk Singing Group

The very popular Alghoza Folk Dance has its ancestry back in the countryside of Rajasthan. The dance got its name from Alghoza, which is a very ancient wooden instrument that functions with the assistance of wind passing through it. This is a greatly appreciated and famous dance all over Rajasthan in India. Recently the traditional Alghoza Folk Singing Group is growing its fanbase all over the country for its uniqueness of performance.

Indulge in the specialities of the Alghoza Folk Singing Group

The Alghoza dancers perform this dance on the beats of the Alghoza Instrument. Mostly dholak, cymbal, manjeera, harmonium, etc accompany the Alghoza to create a more melodious environment. The Alghoza Folk Dance is performed only by men, no women take part in this dance for some ancient cultural reason. The men dance enthusiastically wearing traditional Rajasthani clothes such as safa, kurta, dhoti, etc. The interesting part of this is that, another male dancer dresses up as a Rajasthani female and enchants the spectators with an amazing performance.

Alghoza Folk Dance groups are becoming very popular in weddings, receptions and corporate events nowadays. Professional Alghoza Folk Singing Group are available at Ranadholi. You can readily hire them for your next big event. It feels really astonishing to watch such an extraordinary dance by the Ranadholi Group. Go and book the Alghoza Folk Singing Group for your special events now!

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