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Gun Shooting and Ring Game

The Gun shooting and Ring Game is famous all over India. People, especially children love these game stalls and these stalls are often seen at wedding parties, fairs and birthday events.

Improve your aiming skills with the Gun shooting game

This is a very interesting game where a board full of different coloured balloons is kept at a distance and a gun is placed beside it. All you have to do is to aim at a particular balloon and shoot it with the gun. If you are successful in it, you will get a small reward like a toy, cup, keychain, etc. 

Try your luck at the Ring Game

This is another very popular game mostly played by children. A table is set where multiple items such as soft toys, cups, keychains, utensils, candies, stationary items, water bottles, etc are kept. You will be provided with a set of rings and you have to throw the ring in such a way that it lands up on the gift item you want. If you win the game, you can claim your prize. 

Both these games are equally interesting and popular among the children. With Ranadholi you can organise the Gun shooting and Ring Game on your next event, making it more interesting than ever!

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