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Rajasthani chari dance
Rajasthani chari dance
Rajasthani chari dance
Rajasthani chari dance
Rajasthani chari dance
Rajasthani chari dance
Rajasthani chari dance


rajasthani chari dance

Rajasthani Chari Dance – Performance showcasing balancing, thrill, and perfection by women’s keeping brass pot on their head. Since Chari Dance is one of the oldest Rajasthani Traditional Dance Forms, it reflects the traditional custom of Rajasthan performed in weddings. During the toran ceremony, the bride’s mother carries a chari on the head with the lighting Diya or lamp to welcome the groom by performing his “Aarti”. Being one of the auspicious customs, it also makes audiences realize the value of Rajasthani Folk Customs in an entertaining way.

rajasthani chari dance& Rajasthani Folk Music

Chari Dance is commonly performed in the Rajasthani folk song of “leta ajyosa ghumar dar lehengi”. While there are many more songs such as “Pallo Latke”, it is sure that it is enough to add vibrancy to your wedding while making your guests vibe and dance with excitement and joy. Being one of the favorite dances of all time, Rajasthani Chari Dance is something you should definitely not miss in your wedding or cultural event.

Chari Dance in Wedding or Cultural Event

The Chari Dance is perfect in terms of featuring the real essence of Rajasthani Traditional Dance in your wedding or any other cultural event. This is something that definitely entertains audiences in some or the other way. Being one of the most prestigious traditional forms of Rajasthani Dance, it is something not to be missed.

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rajasthani chari dance Performances

Here are some of the glimpses of Chari Dance as one of the most exciting Rajasthani Traditional Dance to entertain audiences.

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