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Rajasthani Chakri Dance

The Rajasthani Chari Dance has a different level of fanbase all over Rajasthan. This Dance form is one of the most enchanting dance styles of Rajasthani folk dance. The Rajasthani Chari Dance is one of the oldest traditional Rajasthani dance forms where only the can women take part. This feminine dance form is both extremely enchanting and enthusiastic.

Experience the enchanting aura of the Rajasthani Chari Dance

Like the Alghoza Folk Dance, Rajasthani Chari Dance is only performed by women of Rajasthan. This amazing dance portrays excellent balancing, thrill and perfection. The women dancers perform by keeping a pot made of brass on top of their heads. Chari Dance is a very old dance form and hence holds a very significant position in Rajasthani weddings. The bride’s mother balances a Chari on her head during the Toran ceremony to welcome the groom by performing aarti. Being one of the auspicious customs, it also makes audiences realize the value of Rajasthani Folk Customs in an entertaining way.

Chari Dance during weddings

The Popular Rajasthani Chari Dance is widely performed in weddings and special events. This outstanding dance induces a very pure essence of Rajasthani culture into the event making everyone fall in love with Rajasthani traditions and customs. ‘Pallo Latke’ and ‘leta ajyosa ghumar dar lehengi’ are two of the very popular songs to which this dance is performed. No matter what may be the event, this dance never fails to add its vibrancy to the environment.

Being one of the most prestigious traditional forms of Rajasthani Dance, it is something not to be missed.

Hire the Rajasthani Chari Dance group from Ranadholi to make your big day more beautiful. At Ranadholi, the traditional Rajasthani Chari dancers are trained artists who guarantee to deliver every performance with excellence and enthusiasm.

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