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Big Nagara

Big Nagara, also known as Nobat, has been in existence since the time of the reign of kings and queens. Back in that time, when kings used to come back to their palaces after winning a battle, their victory was celebrated by welcoming them to the sound of Nagara. The Big Nagaras have become very popular in Indian weddings due to its grand appearance and royalty.  

Make your wedding absolutely grand with the Big Nagara

Following the royal culture, whether it be a wedding, party, or a big corporate event, people still welcome their guests to the sound of Nagara. These Big Nagaras are set up on the entrance gates so that the guests can experience the royal welcome at the entrance. Whenever a guest arrives, he or she is welcomed by the sound of Nagara to make them feel incredibly special.

Ever dreamt of royal wedding? then go and book the Big Nagara from Ranadholi right now! If not for weddings, you can even book the Big Nagara for any engagement party, corporate event, etc.

Also, you can book multiple Big Nagaras according to your requirements. Your guests would feel extremely elated to receive such a royal and warm welcome. It would definitely make them remember your wedding throughout their lifetime.

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