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Rajasthani Juti

When talking about Rajasthani art and crafts, it is impossible to forget about the world famous Rajasthani Shoes, popularly known as the Rajasthani Juti.  It is a very famous and popular footwear all over India. It is a handcrafted Indian Footwear product that gives a classic and traditional look to the person who is wearing it. People usually wear it with traditional dresses like- Kurta, Pajama etc. Nowadays Jutis has added a classic taste to Western Fashion as well.

Enrich your footwear experience with the amazing Rajasthani Juti

The Rajasthani Juti are totally hand crafted, the craftsmen make the shoes totally using their hands. Rajasthani Juti are of excellent quality and appearance. It is so beautiful that you will fall for it just at the first appearance! These amazing footwears are embroidered with  beautiful multi-coloured silken threads. Some of the shoes even have beautiful and vibrant stones embedded on them, it makes them look absolutely attractive and elegant.

A Rajasthani juti wedding stall is a type of market stall or shop that specializes in selling traditional footwear called “juti” for weddings and other special occasions. Juti is a type of handmade leather shoe that is popular in the Rajasthan region of India, and it is known for its intricate embroidery and embellishments. A Rajasthani juti wedding stall would likely offer a wide variety of juti in different styles, colors, and sizes to suit the needs of different customers.  In addition to juti, a Rajasthani juti wedding stall might also sell other types of traditional footwear and accessories, such as mojari (a type of embroidered slip-on shoe) and chappal (a type of sandal). The stall might also sell other wedding-related items such as wedding garlands, wedding favors, and other decorative items. This service is another interesting attraction of the Rajasthani Stalls Theme. If you wish to keep a traditional Rajasthani Juti stall in your event, you can easily do that. Contact Ranadholi to make the arrangements. Ranadholi has professional Rajasthani Shoe makers, who would display the art of juti making live in front of your guests.

You might also require Rajasthani Bangle Makers and other services for your wedding or event, Book the services from Ranadholi.

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