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Bhawai & Gramin Bhawai Dance

Bhawai Dance is another exceptional dance form which is also popular in the Rajasthani Folk Dance niche. While it is popular in northern and western states of India, it enormously showcases the thrill and entertainment at the same time. Folk Dancer performs this dance by putting charis or pots in their head and balancing it all the way on the glass bottles or sword. Being a difficult Rajasthani Folk Dance, it is not only thrilling but also joyous for guests to take a look at the culturally rich folk performance. 

In terms of history, the Bhawai Dance usually originated in Gujarat but soon after some time it also spread up to the border areas of Rajasthan and then became famous all the way around different cities and states. Till date, the Bhawai Dance is one of the popular dance form demanded in events and shows. 

Gramin Bhawai Dance - Rajasthani Folk Male Dancers

The Gramin Bhawai Dance is performed by male dancers of the Ranadholi community. While tracing back to the history, the fairs and shows were organized in the city of “Dhundad” and dancers from Ranadholi community were called to entertain people by their exciting and entertaining skillset. This thrilling dance form is performed over swords, iron nails, glass bottles, etc. while the male dancer shows the amazing attraction of balancing the pots on their head.

How Ranadholin Makes Bhawai Dance Exciting for Your Event or Show

Ranadholi has skilled musicians and dancers who are great in their talents showcasing the good combination of music and dance. While Bhawai Dance is performed, the great choir of Rajasthani musicians play amazing sounds and sing songs to make it even more exciting. This is something which is definitely not to be missed in your wedding or event performance.

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