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Rajasthani Potter (Kumhar)

Have you ever set your eyes on the mesmerizing Rajasthani Pottery? Pottery crafted by Rajasthani Potter is an excellent piece of art which really deserves a great appreciation for its enchanting aura. The blue pottery of Rajasthan is the traditional craft there. Apart from Blue Pottery, Rajasthan excels in several other kinds of pottery such as Kagzi Pottery, Black Pottery, Pokhran Pottery and Bikaner Pottery. All these styles of pottery are absolutely stunning!

Indulge in the art of pottery with the Kumhar and Potter Wheel Display

Do you know what Rajasthani potters are referred to as? Rajasthani Kumhar or Potters are those people who know this craft of making mud or clay based utensils. As they display their craft through a potter wheel, it fascinates people to try their hands while understanding the process of making such beautiful artistery based pots or utensils. This is one of the exciting element of wedding or event to make people fascinated with the “Rajasthan ki Matti”.

You will often notice kumhars showcasing their skills of pottery at various office parties, engagement parties, etc. If you wish to hire an authentic Rajasthani Kumhar to display the beautiful art of pottery at your event, contact Ranadholi. At Ranadholi you will get the most talented and skilled kumhars who take the art of pottery to the next level!

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