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Bioscope Cinema

In every Indian event, entertainment stalls are a must, especially when children are there. It is necessary to keep the children engaged with something or the other to prevent them from feeling bored. You can keep a Bioscope Cinema box at your next event to keep all the children excited and cheerful. Have you ever heard of the very famous Bioscope Cinema stall? Bioscope is a colourful mock matinee box that contains pictures, videos from films and TV shows, and some background music.

What does bioscope cinema have to offer you?

The bioscope is basically an attractive box comprising multiple pictures and videos merged with some interesting background music. When you look inside the box through the holes, you will get the experience of a mini TV inside the box. 

It acted as the favourite pastime and entertainer to children and adults for years. Having this entertainment stall at your special event will make it even more interesting. 

Today one may occasionally spot a Bioscope at public venues. But, we at Ranadholi keep on fascinating people with our historical art and instruments. If you wish to keep the interesting bioscope cinema box at your next big event, contact Rana Dholi right now! You will surely be glad to peep into a Bioscope.

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