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Doli and Baggi

Every royal wedding is incomplete without a Doli. Do you know what a Doli is? In the old times, after marriage the bride’s family used to bid her off to the groom’s place in a Doli. The concept of sending off in Doli was followed not only in Rajasthan but all over India, only the appearance of the Doli varied from state to state. 

Create an everlasting impression with the Doli and Baggi

Biding off the bride in a beautifully decorated Rajasthani Doli would not only add royalty to the wedding but also will make the wedding memorable throughout the life. The Rajasthani Doli is decorated with shining stones, bells and ribbons making it absolutely gorgeous! 

Some people prefer following that tradition even today so they hire Rajasthani Doli to send the bride off to her groom’s family.People dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire carry the Doli with great care to ensure that the bride is not injured. Along with that, some musicians wearing traditional turbans accompany the Doli to create a more joyous environment.

If you wish to hire Rajasthani Doli for your wedding, you are most welcome to do it from Ranadholi. This is the perfect place for you to book the most beautiful and gorgeous Rajasthani Doli for your wedding.

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