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Rajasthani Folk Dance Group & Folk Music Group

About Ranadholi Group - Rajasthani Folk Dance Group & Folk Music Group

Ranadholi – A Rajasthani Folk Dance Group & Rajasthani Folk Music Group offers you a wide range of services for your wedding and events. With the glory and excellence featuring a decade of music, the Ranadholi community is expelling in terms of entertaining audiences with the amazing performances of folk music and traditional folk dances such as Kalbeliya, Ghumar, Chari Dance, Bhawai Dance, Banjara Banjari Dance, and many more. 

Be it your wedding or any event, Ranadholi is there to serve you with the best folk dance & musical performances. So what are you waiting for, book our traditional Rajasthani folk dance group artists and make your event more memorable.

Evolution of Rajasthani Folk Dance & Rajasthani Folk Music Group

Rajasthani folk dance is a traditional dance form that originates from the Rajasthan state in India. There are many different styles of Rajasthani folk dance, including Ghoomar, Kalbeliya, and Terahtaali. These dances are typically performed at celebrations and festivals, and they often feature brightly colored costumes and intricate footwork. The music for Rajasthani folk dance is typically played on traditional instruments such as the dholak, the harmonium, and the manjira. These all musical instruments and forms holds relevance since early ages.

The dances are often accompanied by singing and narrations, which tell stories or convey messages. Rajasthani Folk Dance & Folk Music both have been popular for many years. From the time of the Rajputana king and queens, the tradition of Rajasthani Folk Dance Group and Performances was so popular. Since the culture is so vibrant and the land of the desert offers amazing creativity and skills in terms of entertaining performances, it has taken a center stage in wedding ceremonies, parties, sangeet functions, corporate and cultural events. 

Ranadholi being the oldest community of Rajasthan who is in the family tradition of musical inheritance is known for its delightful skillset that sets perfect vibes for your event and festivity.

History of Ranadholi - Legacy of Musical Excellency with Folk Dance & Music

Rajasthani Folk Music, Folk Dance, and Art exists in varied forms and RanaDholi is one of the oldest communities of Rajasthan who knows this art and skill of amazing folk music. Since the times of Raja Maharajas, they used to perform in darbars to entertain everyone. In today’s world also, they hold the same pride to perform Rajasthani Folk Music & Folk Dance in a traditional manner which is one of the outstanding arts of all times. Ranadholi as a Rajasthani Folk Music Group have been offerings its services across various festivals, fairs and shows.


About Ranadholi & Rajasthani Folk Dance Group Communities

The Dholi (Rana) community of Rajasthani folk dance claims to be the descendants of Chand Bardai, a renowned poet in India who also happened to be the court poet of Prithviraj III, an Indian ruler. Throughout history, their ancestors have served the royal houses for generations by singing songs in praise of their local gods, rulers, battles and notable deeds. The Dholi (Rana) community is currently continuing this tradition of excellence in performance on stage.

The Rajasthani Folk Dance Group & Rajasthani Music Group exist in many different forms and different aspects. Each of them has its own uniqueness and charm. Likewise, the Rajasthani Folk Dance & Music is performed by various artist communities of Rajasthan such as Bhaats (Bhats), Bhils, Bhopa – Bhopi, Chaaran (Charan), Dholi (Rana), Kalbelia (Naath, Jogi, Sapere and Sadhu), Kamad, Langa, Manganiar, Nayak Bhopas etc. Among them, Dholi (Rana) occupies a very special position. 

In modern days, the Ranadholi group still holds its relevance due to their dedication and expertise they showcase in their performances across varied formats.

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