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Have you been acquainted with caricature before? If not, you should know that caricature is a form of art, and the artists who practice this art form are called caricaturists. In this form of art the caricaturists sketch other people in a funny, humourous and exaggerating way keeping the distinctive characters intact. You can also say that it is like creating a cartoon form of yourself. The stall is a creative and interesting part of the Rajasthani Stalls theme.

Caricature arts are astonishing

This stall features awesome artistry and sketching skills. The experienced artist/painter sketches out the best live sketches for your guests. Having a caricaturist in any event makes the event even more lively and exciting. Your guests would be delighted to get their personalized sketch blended with extra funny features to make them all giggly and cheerful. Also, the caricaturists make sure to keep all your distinctive character traits intact in the portrait so that you can readily recognize yourself.

People are growing really fond of this art form lately hence, it is in high demand.

Here at Ranadholi we have the best professional caricaturists to make the ideal caricatures of your guests. If you plan to hire caricaturists for your birthday party, baby shower event, engagement party or wedding ceremony, contact Ranadholi, your one stop destination for the best caricature artists in town. Book us right.

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