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Rajasthani Tea Stall

Rajasthan is very famous for its masala tea. Adding Rajasthani Tea stalls to your special events and occasions will add up an extra charm. These tea stalls are becoming really popular nowadays due to their unique appearance. Booking Rajasthani Tea stalls will stir a royal Rajasthani essence to your events.

Speciality of Rajasthani Tea stall for Your Event

These tea stalls are decorated in a Rajasthani style. The tea stalls are extremely gorgeous, gilded with decorative umbrellas, flowers, and bells. The stall contains a big pot, where the tea is prepared and kept. The tea they serve is not the ordinary tea that you get at tea stalls. Their preparation of tea involves an extensive use of exclusive spices. The spices add up an extra kick to the tea,making it really special! All your guests would definitely love it. Besides that, Rajasthani Teas Stall has its own way of serving its customers. Here you are welcomed in Rajasthani style. The tea is served in handmade cups instead of normal plastic cups. The people serving the tea are also dressed in the traditional Rajasthani attire to make it look more realistic. 

You can hire Rajasthani Tea stalls from Ranadholi. These stalls are perfect for wedding ceremonies, engagement parties, family functions and many more events. Book them right away to add that extra charm to your event.

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