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Punjabi Dhol Players & Giddha Group

Have you ever seen the super enthusiastic performance of the Punjabi Dhol Players? Or the ever energetic performance of the Giddha Group? If not ready to learn everything about them.

Punjabi Dhol Players:

The Punjabi Dhol Players are extremely energetic and enthusiastic and perform the Bhangra dance. Do you know what Bhangra is? If not, you should know that it is the traditional dance of Punjab, in India. A proper and authentic Punjabi Bhangra dance is incomplete without the Dhol. The Dhol is a traditional Indian instrument which plays a very significant value in maintaining the ethnicity of the country. has been the tradition at the times of engagements, marriages, and every moment of joy since long. You would also get the reference of the ‘dhol’ in the evergreen bollywood song ‘ Dholi Taro’, it highlights the associations between the Dholis with Dhol.

Giddha Group:

You can consider this dance as a female version of the Punjabi Bhangra dance. This dance is not less than Bhangra in any means, the female dancers perform with their utmost energy and enthusiasm to make the environment gleeful. Giddha is a very ancient dance similar to ring dance. It is said to have its roots in India and Pakistan.

The energy of the Punjabi Dhol Players and the Giddha Group is such that it will make everyone’s feet move!

Ranadholis are considered to be the best dhol players and are invited all over the world for the same. Also, Ranadholi has the best Giddha Group. You can hire the best Giddha Group and Punjabi Dhol Players from Ranadholi to make your event absolutely joyous and enthusiastic.

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