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Bhapang Folk Singing Group

Have you heard of the famous Bhapang Folk Singing? If not, then you must know that

The Bhapang Folk Signing is very popular all over Rajasthan for its capability to enchant the audience effortlessly. You might be thinking, what is a ‘Bhapang’? Well, Bhapang is a very unique instrument composed of the hollow shell of a dry pumpkin. This shell is referred to as the Tumbi.

Enjoy with Bhapang Folk Singing Group

The Bhapang Folk Singers are highly popular and are in great demand all over Rajasthan.

The Bhapang players play various pleasant and gleeful sounds by running their fingers over the strings of the Bhapang. Not only do the instrument players play the instrument but also, the playback singers join in to make the environment more music. This instrument is also complemented with the Jogi sarangi. The Mev-Muslim Jogi community include such performances to accompany the Mevati style of singing. Whereas, the Rajasthani Bhat community plays this song during Marwadi Folk song renditions.

These traditional singing groups are very popular in Rajasthan, they are mostly seen in social events, traditional weddings and other events. Ranadholi has the most potential Bhapang Folk Singers, who are brilliant in their performance! Hire the Bhapang Folk Singing Group from Ranadholi to make your next big event absolutely spectacular!

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