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Ghoomar Dance

The Ghoomar is another exciting Rajasthani Folk Dance form that is popularly performed in wedding and other kinds of events. Reflecting the true essence of Rajasthani Culture and portraying the vibe of Rajasthani Folk Tradition, this dance is performed by the group of ladies with grace and excitement showcasing different movements that makes the audiences excited to keep their eyes on it. The Rajasthani Ghoomar Dance is performed on popular Rajasthani songs like “mahari ghoomar che nakhrali ma, ghoomar ramna mah jyasa”, etc.

Ghoomar is one of the dance forms which includes twirling movements performed by beautiful dancers wearing traditional dress of ghagra which holds another relevance in Rajasthani Folk Culture. 

Ghoomar & its Popularity Since Years

The Ghoomar holds a traditional relevance since the ancient times of “Rajas and Maharajas” in Rajasthan. This dance is very famous since those times as they performed it during special occasions and programs such as–Marriages, Fairs, etc. The Rana Dholi holds a very significant position amongst the other folk singing groups who play music during the “Ghoomar” performances. It is also a very famous Folk Dance among the other Rajasthani Folk Dances and holds popularity on national and international platforms.

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Ghoomar is one of the popular and most demanding dance form for wedding events, fetes, fairs and corporate shows. Ranadholi offers experienced artists through Ghoomar Dance Group to add a vibe to your event. Book Now.

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