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Ransingha, Bankya, Pankha, Chattar

Ransingha, Bankya, Pankha, and Chattar have existed in Rajasthan and other states since the time of the great kings and queens. When royal blood or his guests used to come to the palace, they were welcomed there with Ransingha, Bankiya, Pankha, and Chattar.


Ranasingha is a royal instrument which was used in the reign of Kings and Queens to welcome them, or their guests. It is a long S shaped trumpet made from pure copper. Recently people are really growing fond of this interesting royal instrument. More and more people are including Ranasingha at their weddings, engagement parties, and other grand occasions. If you want to leave a royal impact on your special event, book the Ranasingha from Ranadholi. Add a royal experience to your next big event by including Ransingha in it!


Bankiya is another very popular Rajasthani instrument. It is also a kind of trumpet,mostly used in Rajasthani folk dances. Also, in earlier times, Bankiya was used to offer grand welcome to royal people associated with the King and Queen. Currently, a lot of Indian families use this instrument to create a royal environment in the wedding venue. You can hire a professional Bankiya player for your wedding, engagement party, corporate party or any other important event from Ranadholi. Here you will get professional Bankiya players who will turn your event absolutely royal and amazing! 


Pankha is another traditional Rajasthani instrument specially used in folk songs popularly known for its soothing melody. If you wish to include this melodious instrument to your special events, book it directly from Ranadholi. You can give all your guests a warm and melodious welcome with Pakha.


The Chattar is one of the most popular instruments of Rajasthan used in folk songs. They are in very high demand at weddings, parties and other occasions nowadays. The melody of Chattar makes the environment really energetic and enthusiastic. Hire this instrument right now from Ranadholi to make your next big event a big hit!

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