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Langa Manganiyar Folk Singing

The Langa Manganiyar Folk Singing is very popular all over Rajasthan and it is a very essential part of Rajasthani folk music. This beautiful Folk Singing is accompanied by melodious traditional Rajasthani instruments such as Sarangi, Rawanhattha, Kamayacha, Ektara, Shehnai, Poongi, Been, Nagaras, Dhol to the tiny Damroo. A mixture of all these vibrant and pleasant instruments give birth to a melodious aura to make the guests extremely delighted in any kind of event. The trained Rajasthani musicians play each such instrument with immense care and emotion, that it reaches to the core of the heart. In terms of referring to their legacy, the Langa and manganiyar communities are well versed into the music and they are also preserving the heritage of Rajasthan that they have got from their ancestors. The amazing Rajasthani Folk Music by Langa and Manganiyar will make you starstruck. 

Immerse yourself in the pleasant music by Langa and Manganiyar

This unique and amazing music is performed by trained artists all decked up in vibrant Rajasthani Turbans and traditional Rajasthani attire to deliver the proper Rajasthani vibe. The Langa Manganiyar Folk Singing is popular all over the world, you will find these brilliant and skilled artists performing this folk song all over the world and not just in India. So why wait? Book Langa and Manganiyar Folk Singers for your wedding or event.

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