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Rajasthani Folk Music & Singing

Rajasthani Folk Music & Folk Singing is always popular in some form or other. Be it folk tunes played on Harmonium, Dholak, Khartal, Morchung, Bhapang or it is some great soulful song performed by Rajasthani Folk Singer, the amazingness and vibe of Rajasthani Folk Music lies on its real essence which depicts the real culture of the land.

As the main objective of Ranadholi is to preserve Rajasthani Folk Music. Its family tradition is influencing everyone to be artists to showcase the real gem of Rajasthan through numerous weddings and events. What we see today as a cultural heritage of Rajasthan is majorly contributed by communities such as Ranadholi which have made the Musical Journey of Rajasthani Folk Music & Folk Singing so rich in modern times as well.

As you might have already heard, The prominent Rajasthani Folk songs such as ‘Padharo maharo desh’, ‘Gorbandh’, ‘Nimbuda’ are the creation of the Rajasthanis and they are praised by the entire world. Besides that, We have the pride of not only enriching the culture of Rajasthan but also the entire culture of India and this is the reason we are invited across the country to perform in wedding, events, and cultural shows.

Rajasthani Folk Music & Singing - Mystical Rhythms of Rajasthan

Ranadholi Folk artists, singers and musicians are all from different parts of Rajasthan who are skilled enough in performing a fine blend of Folk songs. All are masters of their art and they touch the soul of the audience with their stunning voices, mystical tunes, and breathtaking rhythm. Here are some of the videos to showcase the real essence of how these artists perform in stage shows.
Rajasthani Folk Singing and Music has a unique identity in Indian Music. Harmonium, Dholak, Nagada, Khartal, Morlung, Bhapang, and dozens of other instruments are exclusive to the Rajasthani Folk Music group. The rhythm of Rajasthani Folk Music depicts the Rajasthani culture and music.

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