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Parrot astrology

The parrot astrology is one of the many Rajasthani Stalls themes and is a very unique and interesting form of fortune telling. You might have witnessed people sitting with parrots and tarot cards in many fairs and other public events. They are the parrot astrologers who take some money in exchange for depicting your fortune. You will often see parrot astrology in local fairs, markets, etc.

Parrot Astrology Stall in Wedding or Events

It is very famous all over India and people seem to believe it too. Do you know how it is done? Or have you ever tried it? It is an exciting element where the parrot is used as a fortune teller, walks over the card and picks the one from the stack which signifies the fortune. The parrot astrology is a big source of entertainment as there are many people who believe in it and like to get their fortune read.

With Ranadholi you can hire professional parrot astrologers at your next event to keep all your guests entertained. Ranadholi has professional parrot astrologers who genuinely depicts the fortune by reading the selected tarot cards. Be it a wedding ceremony or birthday party, you can hire professional parrot astrologers from Ranadholi.

You might also require Magician and other services for your wedding or event, Book the services from Ranadholi.

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