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Brij Ki Holi Folk Dance Group

Brij Ki Holi is one the most mesmerizing performances associated with Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. This beautiful dance depicts the holi played by Radha and Krishna at Brijdham, Uttarpradesh. Brij is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood playing with the Gopas and Gopis. This is the same place where Radha and other Gopis came to fetch water and used to spend time together.

Fall in love with Brij ki Holi!

The Holi songs of the Brij area are sung at this festival and a group of dancers perform in this festival dressed up as Shrimati Radha and Shri Krishna and their Gopis. Along with this, numerous other dances are performed on Holi songs and people play Holi with gulal and shower flower petals all over the stage.  The spectators become so engrossed with the love of the lord that they forget about everything else and enjoy their hearts out. One can never take their eyes off such an astonishing performance.

Watching such a pious and beautiful performance is really a treat to the eyes. If you feel the urge to organise such a performance in any event you can contact Ranadholi. At Ranadholi you will get trained dancers who would very beautifully execute the Brij Ki Holi dance. They would deliver such an enchanting performance that you will keep it alive in your heart for ages.

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