Kalbeliya Dance is one of the most favourite and popular dance among other Rajasthani Folk Dances. This dance is performed by the gypsy community of Rajasthan which is called “Kalbeliya\". This community catches snakes through the sounds of an instrument called harp and also makes the snakes dance on them.


    The Ghoomar Dance is a Rajasthani Folk Dance which is performed in a group by ladies. This dance is performed in slow beat and ryhthm of the most popular Rajasthani song “mahari ghoomar che nakhrali ma, ghoomar ramna mah jyasa\". In terms of the literal meaning, The group of dancers twirl and move in the rythm of the song which is reffered to as “Ghoomar\".


    Rajasthani Folk Music has a unique identity in Indian Music. Harmonium, Dholak, Nagada, Khartal, Morlung, Bhapang and dozens of other instruments are exclusive to Rajasthani Folk Music. The rhythm of Rajasthani Folk Music depicts the Rajasthani culture and music.


    Rajasthan Kathputli (puppet) is world famous. It is the old tradition of stories from mythology and legends are told through puppets in Rajasthan.


    BRIJ KI HOLI is the famous Holi festival held in the Brij area of Uttar Pradesh and is associated with Lord Krishna. People perform in this festival in getup of Radha-Krishna and their Gopis. Dance is performed on holi songs and holi is played with gulaal and flowers.

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