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Kachchhi Ghodi

The Kachchhi Ghodi is one of the famous dances which are performed during the weddings and social settings. Kachhi ghodi rajasthani folk dance is usually performed by the males wearing the imitating dresses of Horse and also perform a mock fight and movements between each other among the different dancers. This dance is performed on the narration of the folklore stories. It is widely performed in marriages, social events, fairs etc. This dance is famously originated from the popular Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan and there are various artists who are performing such kind of dance form from several years. Even the Kacchi Ghodi dance has got a limelighting spot in the various national dance forms of India.

Why it is Exciting Dance Form For Your Wedding or Event?

The event or wedding should always be joyous and it should have those elements that create memories. The Kacchi Godhi showcases the art of entertainment in an exciting form and as they use different components it becomes exciting for people to enjoy the performance in different ways. As group of people interact with audience and make it a fun experience, this is something which you should not at all miss in your wedding or event.

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