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Nat Kala

When it comes to entertainment, Rajasthan has endless options. Starting from handicrafts to acrobatics, Rajasthani does not lack in any of the sectors. Natkala is a very famous and unique art form displaying outstanding acts of aerobatics to leave your guests spellbound. The Rajasthani people are very loyal fans of the Nat Kala, they never miss a chance to offer a big round of applause to the amazing Nat Kala artists.

Get amused by the Nat Kala artists

The Nat Kala is an amazing form of art showcasing acrobatics. Some of their spectacular acts of aerobatics include walking on ropes high above the ground, performing mind boggling stunts, jumping on very sleek ropes and pulling extremely heavy objects with the help of hairs. Sometimes they also pull enormously heavy objects with their teeth! Isn’t that just out of the world? The Nat Kala artists, with their brilliantly outstanding performance, never fail to impress the spectators.

You will see such artists delivering their brilliant performances at local events, fairs, exhibitions, etc.

If you wish to hire the very brilliant Nat Kala artists for your next big event, contact Ranadholi. Ranadholi has many specialized folk artists for this art. The Nat Kala artists will make your event absolutely entertaining, enthusiastic and special.

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