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Famous Rajasthani Traditional Music Group – The Glorious Langa Manganiyar

We have a great time moving to the tunes of famous music worldwide. Of course! The melodies of Langa Manganiyar are so energizing and exciting that we can’t help but dance and get carried away. However, there are moments when we need music that is more somber, away from the bustle, and connects us to our homeland by returning us to our roots. Similar to this, many individuals from all backgrounds love listening to folk music; they yearn for raw vocals, “desi” instruments, and regional dances and musical forms. Even if each person has a different musical preference, we can all agree that we love folk music.

Who are Langa Manganiyar?  

The music of the Langa Manganiyar, two groups of hereditary professional musicians, has shaped Rajasthan’s history for centuries.

The Langas may be derived from drummers who left chieftain militias to work in the civil sector. Before earning the Meghwal community’s favor as singers at household life-cycle rites, Tha Manganiars worked as musicians in the minor courts. The main characteristic of Langa Manganiyar music is an arrangement of ragas and talas that are based after and named after Hindustani music yet perform independently of the Hindustani code. The music is heavily influenced by regional factors. It includes a wide range of tunes with a broad repertory. The main melodic accompaniments are played on the bowed Sarangi and Kamaicha, and the beat is provided by Khartal castanets.

Langa Manganiyar

History of Langa Manganiyar

If you go into the history of these musical ensembles , you’ll discover that the Langa Manganiyar were professional ensembles of musicians, whose music was funded by affluent landowners and aristocracy. This hierarchy and tradition are still in place today. Despite singing in the same language, these ensembles have different musical approaches. This stylistic variation developed in response to the preferences of their customers. Both groups have Islamic roots, yet many of their songs are reverential of Hindu deities. They also have a reputation for celebrating Hindu holidays like Diwali and Holi. The Manganiar performers invoke the Hindu god Krishna and ask for his blessings prior to the start of their musical performance.

The Manganiars were thought to have served as court musicians in the Rajput dynasty. Prior to and during wars, they used to amuse their chiefs while they were at war. Additionally, until the mourning period was over, these vocalists and musicians continued to play at the ruler’s vigil day and night. They also sang and played at the chiefs’ funerals.

The Langas, whose name means “song giver” in English, are a bunch of poets, singers, and music artists belonging to the Bamar district. The Langas can play many different instruments, like the Sindhi Sarangi and the Algoza (double flute), which go well with their enchanting voices. They used to only play for their customers, who were farmers, and landowners, at events like births and weddings.

Music of Langa Manganiyar

If you consider Rajasthani Folk Music Group, Folk musicians like Langa Manganiyar pursue a rich oral tradition that they inherited from their ancestors. These Rajasthani balladeers sing about daily tasks and feelings. They develop strong emotional connections with their audience, which is likely how they are able to captivate them.

While Langas is known for their Sarangi, Murali, Surname, and other percussion instruments, Manganiyars are skilled with percussion instruments like the Dholak and Khadtal. They write some of the most intricate and masterful music. The term “Manganiyar” refers to people who seek charity. They would sing songs at the patron’s residence on various occasions in exchange for prizes.

Manganaro and Langars both use the harmonium, the dholak (a double-headed barrel drum), the Kartal (wooden clappers), and the merchant (jaws harp). But Manganiars are experts at playing the Khamaycha, and Langas are experts at playing the Sindhi Sarangi, which is both stringed instruments.

Today, these musical ensembles perform in a variety of settings and win widespread praise both domestically and abroad. One of the world’s most vibrant and lively music cultures is found in Rajasthan. Many people’s hearts are touched by the vernacular music and traditions that emanate from the country of sand dunes and camels. The audience is compelled to keep listening to these musicians because of the impression they have on them. These two bands may have different musical styles, but they both consider music to be a form of spirituality. For them, music is in their blood. In doing so, they immortalized their hypotonic beats and melodies in the minds of their listeners as well as in the annals of history.

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