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Terah Taali is one of the folk dances of the princely state, Rajasthan. The Kamada tribes who are traditional snake charmers perform this folk dance. Besides this, it is also performed by the tribes of Mirasi, Bhand, Dholi, Bhat, and Nat. It is also practiced by Pokhran and Deedwana, to honor their folk hero, Baba Ramdeo. It comprises women sitting on the floor before his image.

Well-skilled artists perform Terah Taali Dance. Thirteen manjeeras (little brass disc) are tied to various parts of their body, which they strike with the ones they hold in their hand. This creates a rhythm on which the dancers move. The dancers perform various arabesques with their hands and at the same time also balance pots on their hands and hold a sword in their mouth, for making the performance more attractive. The dance begins with the woman, who sits on the floor and her body parts are tied with the manjeeras. These are tied on their wrists, elbows, waists, arms, and a pair in their hands as well and her accompanists’ chants slowly in rhythm.

About Terah Taali Dance

Terah Taali Dance is one complex as well as an excellent folk dance of Rajasthan. The Thirteen cymbals used in the different body parts of the female dancer are a magnificent scene to watch. The way the dancer matches the swinging manjeeras with the rhythm of the background music is a beauty. The Manjeeras and other metallic discs used in the Terah Taali dance are made of bronze, brass, copper, and zinc. Often a sword is also used by the professional Terah Taali dancer and also a pot on her to make the dance more attractive. Male artists sing local Rajasthani folk songs as background music and play different instruments like pakhwaja, dholak jhanjhar, sarangi, harmonium, etc.

Terah Taali Dance Celebrations

The dancers perform various arabesques while doing this, and for more special effects and for capturing the public gaze, at times the women also balance numerous pots on their hands and hold a sword in their mouth. Their balancing act spellbinds the viewers. When the tempo of the music increases, it’s a beauty to watch Terah Taali Dance. In the festive occasion, sometimes in marriages also Terah Taali dance performance can be seen. The government has taken all necessary measures to revive this fast-dying tradition of folk dance. Many non-government organizations are also taking an active role in the promotion of this folk culture. This artistic folk dance is promoted in different parts of India as well as overseas.

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