Rajasthani Stall Theme (Meena Bazaar) includes services like Rajasthani Mehendi artist, Caricature, Tattoo artist, Juti, Turban, Parrot Astrology, Palmist, Nail Artist, etc. Following is the description about the services offered :


The turban is one of the popular traditional headwear which is wore on Head. It is also called “Pagri" in Rajasthani. The varieties of colors and styles of Pagri will make you look in Perfect Rajasthani Style.


Mehandi holds a traditional relevance in Indian culture. This Rajasthani Stalls Theme service is most liked by women. In Indian occasion of Weddings, it is considered very pious and both bride and groom get it done on their hands and legs to mark a new beggining. The Mehandi is that element of Women"s beauty which allures women guests and girls.


Rajasthani Juti is very famous and popular footwear all over the India. It is a handcrafted Indian Footwear product that gives a classic and traditional look to the person who is wearing it. People usually wear it with traditional dresses like- Kurta, Payjama etc. Nowadays Jutis has added a classic taste to Western Fashion as well.


Rajasthani Stalls Theme also includes Bangle Makers who feature their outstanding artistry and craftsmanship as Bangles hold an important relevance in Women’s beauty. The guests can visit this stall and can see the elements of how popular Rajasthani Bangles or “chooris" are made. 


Ranadholi presents various art and creativity in the form of Rajasthani Handicrafts. You will find unique Rajasthani wall hangings, key chains, wall paintings, etc here. 


Rajasthani Kumhar is basically a Potter which makes the utensils out of mud or clay. These utensils hold a very special relevance in Rajasthan since it is a Land of Desert. The Rajasthani Kumhar can display their art and process of making utensils during various social events and fairs. These potters also teach guest- “The Art of Pottery" during the displays. This service is the main attraction for the Rajasthani Stalls Theme. 


This is also one of the best attractions that allures guests in events and fairs. The funky designs, custom style tattoos can be designed live by Tattoo experts.


The caricature stall features awesome artistry and sketching skills. The experienced artist/painter sketches out the best live sketches for your guests.



One of the amazing art of Rajasthani Stalls Theme is to design and paint the nails in amazing style. The Nail artist will offer their expertise in wedding events, fairs and corporate functions.


The Palmists are considered as professionals who read future through Palm, which is usually called Palmistry. These people are nowadays very popular in Marriages, Functions, Fairs etc. Palmistry is a science of characterization and foretelling the future.


When a patron sits before the fortune teller, the latter opens the cage and lets the parrot out. He instructs the parrot to pick a card for the patron. The parrot walks over to the cards, picks one from the stack or the spread with its beak and gives it to the astrologer. It then walks back inside its cage. The astrologer opens the card and based on the image tells the fortune of the patron.

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