Shehnai is one of the major instruments which are used in Rajasthani Folk Music. Shehnai holds a very traditional relevance since old times as it is used to welcome the guests at the wedding ceremony. Shehnai vaadan can be referred to as cultural sanctity which gives a sign of auspiciousness and profound hospitality. It is widely used in different weddings, events and ceremonies.                                                                                                                                              


The person who announces in the courtroom of a kingdom is known as “Darban”. Ranadholi gives you full Rajasthani simulation from the ancient to the present time. Rajasthani Darbans are mostly used for welcoming the guests. They can also be used according to your choice.


The Kachchhi Ghodi is one of the famous dances which are performed during the weddings and social settings. This dance is usually performed by the males wearing the imitating dresses of Horse and also perform a mock fight and movements between each other among the different dancers. This dance is performed on the narration of the folklore stories. It is widely performed in marriages, social events, fares etc.     


The Rajasthani Bhopas are the priest singers of the folk deities in Rajasthan. They perform in front of a scroll. known as phad or par in Rajasthani that depicts the episodes of the narrative of the folk deity and functions as a portable temple. 

The Bhopas carry phad traditionally and are invited by villagers to perform in their localities during times of misfortune and sickness. Their performance goes on throughout the night and terminates only in early morning. Ranadholi has many experienced Bhopas to amaze you with their strength and talent and to bring fortune to you. 


The Traditional welcome seems very Royale and Alluring to the guests. In Rajasthani style, the Rajasthani Welcome Girls dressed up in special Rajasthani dress and make-up welcomes the guest. On the occasion of any social events and gatherings such as weddings, the Rajasthani Welcome Girls greets guests by applying tilak on forehead. It holds a traditional and cultural taste of welcoming the guests at various events.


The Mashaal offers a special attention to the guests during various social events. The Rajasthani men standing in the welcome holding Mashaal’s gives a very royal and traditional welcomes to the guests. It holds the cultural relevance since the time of “Rajas and Maharajas" of Rajasthan, the same was followed during that times. The Rajasthani Mashaal makes your welcomes more royal and traditional.