Rajasthani Folk Singing and Music has a unique identity in Indian Music. Harmonium, Dholak, Nagada, Khartal, Morlung, Bhapang and dozens of other instruments are exclusive to Rajasthani Folk Music. The rhythm of Rajasthani Folk Music depicts the Rajasthani culture and music.

     Many groups of people migrate from one place to another place. Their objective being preserving the culture of Music, Dance and Arts, performing various dance and music forms. It is the main source of their livelihood. They played a major role in enhancing the position of the culture of Rajasthan in the world today. The Ghumantu is one of the groups of such people. The Ghumantu consists of another caste known as Ranadholi. Ranadholis lived in Rajasthan for so long. Most importantly, they were engaged in entertaining the kings and emperors by various folk music and dances. The prominent songs such as ‘Padharo mharo desh’, ‘Gorbandh’, ‘Nimbuda’ are the creation of the Rajasthanis. Hence, they are praised by the whole world. Besides that, Rajasthani own the pride of not only enriching the culture of Rajasthan but also the entire culture of India.                            

Ranadholi Folk artists and musicians are all from Rajasthan performing a fine blend of Folk songs. All are masters of their art and they touch the soul of the audience with their stunning voices, mystical tunes and breathtaking rhythm.