Kalbeliya Dance is one of the most favourite and popular dance among other Rajasthani Folk Dances. This dance is performed by the gypsy community of Rajasthan which is called “Kalbeliya"- whose traditional work is to capture snakes which are also referred to as “Kaal" in Hindi. This community catches snakes through the sounds of an instrument called harp and also makes the snakes dance on them.

The female dancers perform the dance on the musical sounds of harp and imitate the actions of a Snake. This dance is the major source of livelihood for this community as they travel from one place to another to perform this dance. Now, this dance is very popular among major tourist attractions and foreigners love to see it performed live. Because of this, this tribe has also got a platform to show their talent and earn the livelihood by performing it on different platforms in India and other parts of the world which have given name and fame to the folk culture of Rajasthan.

This dance is very captivating and female dancers perform this dance in very special dress and getup which features alluring homemade jewellery which they wore in head, ears, hands etc. In terms of talking about its history and existence, after 1980 – The Rana Dholi tribe joined the Kalbelia Trible in performances as the musicians of “Rana Dholi" performs in the background of the Kalbelia performances which features different musical instruments. Since then the Rana Dholi and Kalbeliya tribe are performing together to entertain the audiences with their dance and music. The Kalbelia Dance is now performed in Events, fetes, weddings, corporate events, parties etc.