The Bhawai Dance is usually performed by the ladies.  Whereas Gramin Bhawai Dance is performed by the males of the community called “Rana-Dholi". In ancient times of Rajputana state- the fair was used to held in the place called “Dhoondad" where different folk artists and musicians were invited to perform their art related to music, acts etc. The folk artists and musicians from all over the state used to come and wait for their turn with the hope of excitement so that they can entertain the audiences.

This special and captivating folk dance is mainly performed by the male dancers of “Rana-Dholi". It features entertaining balancing acts performed by keeping the glass of water and a water filled pot on their heads. This exciting balancing act is done similarly over the swords, iron nails, glass bottles etc. Apart from it the dancers also perform balancing acts while putting a pot of brass on the head and a running wheel over them. This is a fascinating act which entertains the audiences. All these acts are very dangerous and performed after rigorous training.

Gramin Bhawai Dance is a special dance which is invented by gypsy tribe called “Rana Dholi". It is one of the major part of Rajasthani Folk Dances and has also captured the popularity over the different parts of country and overseas.