The Ghoomar Dance is a Rajasthani Folk Dance which is performed in a group by ladies. This dance is performed in the slow beat and rythm of the most popular rajasthani song “mahari ghoomar che nakhrali ma, ghoomar ramna mah jyasa". In terms of the literal meaning, The group of dancers(ladies) twirl and move in the rythm of the song which is reffered to as “Ghoomar".

The Ghoomar holds a traditional relevance since the ancient times of “Rajas and Maharajas" in the Rajasthan. This dance is very famous since those times as it was performed during the special occasions and programs such as – Marriages, Fairs etc. The Rana Dholi holds a very significant position amongst the other folk singing groups who plays music during the “Ghoomar" performances. It is also a very famous Folk Dance amid the other Rajasthani Folk Dances and holds popularity in national
and international platforms.

In terms of its popularity, its impossible to imagine occasions and weddings without “Ghoomar" – It may seem incomplete as this famous folk dance offers lot of elements of Joy and Happiness which can only be felt during the performances. This dance is performed widely in special occasions of weddings, corporate events, fairs etc. and it is very popular among the people.