The Magic astonishes the guests with the varied tricks and amazing acts by the magicians. The Magician is one among the many other attractions in different parties, marriages, corporate events etc. This is the major source of entertainment to entertain the guests at any event. The traditional magic of Jaadugar at Ranadholi will make you feel you have entered to a new world. He would be doing the magic at a distance of just 3-4 feet from you and you will not be able to find the tricks. 


Bioscope is a colourful mock matinee box that contains pictures, videos from films and TV shows, and some background music. It acted as the favourite pass time and entertainer to children and adults for years. Today one may occasionally spot a Bioscope at public venues. Ranadholi keeps on fascinating people with our historical art and instruments. You will surely be glad to peep into a Bioscope.


Rajasthan Kathputli (puppet) is world famous and well known as Puppetry. It is the old tradition of stories from mythology and legends are told through puppets in Rajasthan. String puppetry is very much famous in Rajasthan. The tradition of Kathputli is based on folk tales and stories. Scholars believe that folktales convey the lifestyle of ancient Rajasthani tribal people. Ranadholi organized various puppet shows at many events.


This stall features entertaining game that will allure the kids in the events and parties. This stall is very popular in Marriages, Events, Fairs and Corporate Functions.