BHAWAI DANCE                 

In ancient times, females of Rajasthan used to travel from their homes, villages, streets, towns etc to fetch water from wells and pounds in their own
finials. After fetching water from wells they used to return back to their homes. They used to carry finials on their heads and travel all the way back to
their villages. All the women used to carry two, three and even four finials on their head. While they indulged in conversations they used to forget the amount of weight they used to carry on their heads. And through this day to day chores, a unique form of dancing came into existence which is popularly known as ‘Bhawai’ dance. And through this process this popular dance form gets depicted. Rajasthan’s popular folk dance, ‘Bhawai’ is done by the female dancers whole keep seven finials on their head and perform this unique cultural dance